Retirement Plan Checklist Webinar

Retirement is not as simple as pulling the trigger and done! There are dozens of trap doors and potential surprises you may never anticipate. Simply overlooking one little thing, could have a major financial impact on both you and your family. Now is a great time to review your situation and help ensure that you are not missing out on ways of potentially increasing your overall probability of success by reviewing various aspects of your retirement plan.

A simple and easy way to help ensure you cover all of your bases is by attending the “Retirement Plan Checklist Webinar” hosted by Osiwala Financial Group. Even if you’ve attended before, you won’t want to miss this updated webinar and benefit from the lessons learned by working with people just like you over the past decade. Don’t just assume everything will work out. Invest 60 minutes in your financial future today!

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Nov 30 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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