If you think about the most important things in your life, it often centers around your family. It’s the people you love. One of the most important things you can do for them is to ensure that when you pass away, your estate is protected. If you don’t have an estate plan, everything you ever worked for could be tied up in the courts for a year, or longer. It could cost you money in probate and legal fees. Additionally, your estate could potentially get double-taxed by the government and could be a real mess for your family.

We understand these decisions are tough and that each family is unique in their own set of circumstances. Part of a well thought out plan is developing a strategy to help minimize estate taxes and protect your assets to minimize potential distress to those left behind. Once this estate plan is established, we will review it on a regular basis to make sure it continues to meet your objectives.

Don’t let your assets be needlessly squandered in court fees, attorney fees or to the IRS due to poor planning. 

Once your advisor understands everything about what you’re trying to accomplish, we’ll utilize the expertise of estate planning attorneys in Southeast Michigan to help you draft an estate plan that ensures that all of your hard-earned money passes to the ones you love and the organizations that are dear to your heart. Your assets represent a lifetime of sacrifice and hard work, so make sure you act wisely by letting us help you put together a plan that achieves exactly what you want.

Specific Target Areas: Revocable Living Trusts, Pour-Over Wills, POA for property/financial assets, POA for Healthcare, Living Wills, Trust Funding, Trust/Estate Admin Service, Estate Settlement, Charitable Trust Planning

Registered Representative is not an attorney. The Registered Representative will help review the documents and recommend a local attorney that specializes in Estate planning. Estate planning can involve a complex web of tax rules and regulations. You should consider the counsel of an experienced estate planning professional before implementing any strategy.


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