People need to have the questions answered, “Am I self-insured, and if so, can I handle those risks on my own or is there a better way?” We find that too many times people end up having bought products that in the grand scheme of things really do not make much sense when looking at the big picture. When this happens, thousands of dollars are wasted on outdated policies that do not do what they were intended to do.

Insurance should be thought of as a risk management tool, and as something that protects you and people you love. When working with someone that believes wholeheartedly in operating in a fiduciary capacity, you can be assured that all recommendations are made after we have done everything possible to understand the big picture. At Osiwala Financial Group we make sure all insurance recommendations are made in the context of your financial plan. Our advisors are trained in the complexities of risk management and legacy planning.

Life insurance and long-term care insurance are two very personal and critical considerations of your overall retirement plan.

It’s imperative that these policies be coordinated with the rest of your financial plan under the watchful eye of a fiduciary advisor and that is what you will receive at Osiwala Financial Group. You will never feel pressured to buy a product; but we think after listening to our recommendations you will be excited about the role insurance can play in helping you reach your financial goals.

Specific Target Areas: Policy Review & Analysis, Stress Test, Liquidity Planning, Wealth Preservation Planning, Income Replacement/Protection, Long-term Care Planning, Buy/Sell Succession Funding, Key Person Funding…


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